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What is the significance of dreamcatcher tattoos?

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Of legends and the protection of the dreamers

The dreamcatcher was originally made as a protective amulet by the Indian peoples of North America, Ojibwa Chippewa, also called Anishinabe. The deeper meaning says that good and beautiful dreams pass through the dream catcher into the heads of the sleeping, nightmares, however, the dream catcher does not let through, because they get caught in the net.

The legend of the "spider woman" 

Today, ethnographers widely agree that the dreamcatchers were made and passed down by Native American peoples. The word "asabikeshiinh" of the Ojibwa Chippewa translates as "spider" and describes the basic structure of the spiritual symbol. Unlike other cultures, Native Americans viewed this animal as protective and comforting. According to Ojibwa legend, a mystical "spider woman" protected the entire tribe. The caring protector created the first dream catcher for a distraught mother whose daughter was plagued nightly by nightmares. Due to the spiritual culture of the Indians, the dream catcher was consecrated as a talisman in a ceremony and then passed on. According to legend, it was passed on to keep away bad dreams, because according to their view of life, both good and bad dreams could noticeably influence the lives of those affected.

Dreamcatcher on the upper arm inside
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Handpoked Motiv

Dreamcatcher with flowers
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Dreamcatcher with flowers

Production and significance of the elements 

Traditionally, a dream catcher consists of a fine thread net with a hole in the middle, which is woven in a round wooden frame from willow branches and sacred herbs. The thread net, or "spider's web", was made of yarn or animal fibers and was individually decorated with feathers, beads and shells. The decorations, however, were not for aesthetic purposes, but to increase the power of the dreamcatcher. The feathers played a special role, as their movement signified the arrival and departure of a new, beautiful and peaceful dream. In some cases, the beads were placed in the web in such a way that they marked eight legs of a spider. A single pearl, on the other hand, signified the choice of a single path in a person's life, four pearls signified protection from all directions.

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Original vs. current meaning 

Dream catchers served for own and family protection as well as to ward off negative energies. To let its effect unfold, the dream catcher should be hung over the bed or the sleeping place. With the coming morning sun the bad dreams are then neutralized. Especially during the 60's and 70's the superstition was spread and since then it is known everywhere in Europe. Today, however, the dream catchers are practically not worn at all. They have taken on the character of a good luck charm, which is supposed to protect against negative energies. Possible meanings for a tattoo could be that the tattooed person is helped in self-development, restoring his inner strength and thereby progressing in the right direction.

Dreamcatcher Tattoo
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Playful dreamcatcher

Dreamcatcher Tattoo
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Combined moon

Variations for a tattoo 

The dreamcatcher is a vertical motif and is suitable for many body parts. Especially popular is the motif on the back, the ribs and also on the hip. So you can give your tattoo artist a lot of space to let his creativity run wild. Because the dream catcher is easily realized in various tattoo styles and can be combined with other elements. Especially suitable for this are the styles Black & Grey, Watercolor or Fineline. So you can also wear a very small dream catcher behind the ear, which protects you from the intrusion of negative thoughts.

Without giving your tattoo a deeper meaning, you can of course also wear your dream catcher for pure aesthetics. Individually designed you wear your own personal lucky charm under the skin. Whether the dream catcher as a tattoo can now also unfold its effect under your skin, is left to your imagination.

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